Complete design and labelling services.

Add flair to your egg packages with custom designed labels, tailor-made for any of our range of innovative egg packs and designed to suit your specific needs.

Ensure your eggs standout on the shelf.

Our reliable printing and labelling services gives you a professional finish for your product. Choose from our wide range of clear egg containers, each one offering a unique wy of presenting your eggs.

Kuhn Corp Packaging, when it comes to egg labels, we’ve got you covered.

Why Clear?

People want to see what they buy!

Everyone wants to know how the product looks before buying – especially when the product is as fragile as an egg. We provide the perfect egg packaging system: The clear alternative transports eggs safely and environmentally friendly – without hiding the eggs.

Benefits at a glace:

  • Clean and attractive
  • Customers can check the eggs without opening
  • Clear airflow keeps eggs fresher longer
  • Incredibly strong and secure
  • Light weight and space efficient
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Multiple formats available catering to different sellers needs